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Drive by posting

Around here I have been making with the busy.  I am in get things done mode.  I painted my living room and dining room.  Then I painted all the baseboards, with high gloss enamel, truly a miserable job.  My daughter said “you’ve spent more time on your knees than a sorority sister.”


Which made me glad she declined to join a sorority.


This weekend I am renting one of those carpet cleaner thingys and having at the acres of white carpet we inherited when we bought the house.


Yes – someone not me put white carpet in the dining room.  Why? Why? Why?


Mr. Wonderful is beside himself, because our bedroom and then the den are next.  He knows this because I made him look at paint samples as if I care what he thinks (not).  He hates home improvement projects.  This has led to other testy conversations (for example)…


Mr. W – “Are there any green apples?”


Me – “On top of my head”


Mr. W – “We are out of apples.”


Me – “Did you put it on the list?”

(Historical fact: we keep a running list on the side of the fridge.  If you want it, write it down.  This has been THE SYSTEM for 23 years). 


“Dipshit.”  I mutter under my breath. 


At the store I noticed that Mr. Wonderful had written -  Dipshit wants green apples.


I love this man.  I think he’ll look real sexy running a carpet cleaner.  Be sexy for me, baby.  Be sexy all Saturday.


Tonight the Iron Maiden Book Club Ladies (we aren’t just strong, we know how to read) are coming to my house.  I have enough wine and cheese that it doesn’t matter if anyone actually read a book.  AND I don’t care if you spill on the carpet. 


As you can see, nothing new here.


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