empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

Livin the Dream

The one-two combo of sleet and goopy snow has been falling for hours.  Mr. Wonderful took the afternoon off work to assist my Son in filming his first movie.  It’s a four-minute chase involving a can of soda.  It sounds like it should be fun to do and funny to watch. 


Because Mr. Wonderful has connections  he brought home a HD prototype camera.  My boys purred and slobbered over it as if it was the Victoria’s Secret catalogue. 


Newsflash, the secret to men is electronics.  It’s not how short the skirt or how big the boobs; it’s how small the cell phone.


Between this phenomena and football I have formed an unchangeable opinion:  Men are weird.


If the film wins the competition it gets shown at the AFI - American Film Institute, a short trip down the road.  My Son feels this is a HUGE prize for a high school competition. 


“You have to take your Mother to the Oscars when you are up for best picture,” I tell my son.


“If I win, please don’t embarrass me at the AFI.”  Embarrassment by Mother comes in all forms, most potent by existing in the same room.  I relish my power….


In order to celebrate this big day of fun, I threw a pot roast on the stovetop with onions, potatoes and carrots.  Chopping several onions and searing meat for 10 minutes earned me a nap on the couch.  My Daughter is making the salad.  Her boyfriend is here.  He’s a good kid, who is setting the table.  His Mother raised him right.


Living the dream of a happy life today.    

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