empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

Snow dance

My kids are doing the snow dance.  They had it down to a fine art when they were little; wearing their pj’s inside out and jumping around chanting snow, snow, snow. 


I used to love it also.  Sleeping in because school was closed.  Then pancakes for breakfast, stuffing them into snowsuits and boots and tossing them outside.  The order of the day would be sledding and snow construction – once we had enough snow to build an igloo, which lasted for two weeks.  But mostly it was snowball fights, everyone against Mr. Wonderful.  


I know those days are gone forever, but the memory still makes me happy.


It’s so much quieter now.  My Son will shovel the walks and driveway – here and at my folks.  But we won’t have a posse of kids running in and out, leaving doors open and eating mac and cheese. 


Snow days mostly mean they shulmp around in pj’s till noon – then they talk online to their friends and watch dvds.  OK, relaxing, but not FUN like tossing snowballs around or sledding.


I might be the only kid left in the house.

Tags: snow dance
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