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First of all, thank you to



She declared today to be random act of kindness day.  She is a purposeful act of kindness, and we all benefit from her presence in LJ.  Thank you for the fiction.  AND your recipes rock!

The only one around here with VD plans is my Son.  He is taking a *girl* out to dinner.  What a difference 6 months make.  Back then he complained bitterly about being stalked in school.


“They hunt in packs, Mom.  It’s embarrassing.  They call each others cell phones when they spot me in the hall between classes.” 


It must have been a rough day because the poor guy was almost in tears.  Sucks for him to be tall, dark and genuinely handsome.  Almost 16 is hard.


This week, to my complete shock – he volunteered that he had a girlfriend.  He’d rather face fiery death (his words) than introduce her BUT they have been a couple for two months.  That is prolly a long time in high school, right?


It does make me wonder what “going out” is considering that he is home every night and spends all his free time with Mr. Wonderful (they are the self proclaimed geek club).  Maybe saying “hi” in the hall between classes is a major commitment.  I have no clue.


I’m not going to ask.  I’m still in shock that he told me about her.  Being allowed into the loop is enough.


I’m making beef stew, fresh bread and cookies for dinner.  I equate love with food.




In other news – yesterday I was smundering around the house and suddenly felt as if I had been hit across the shoulders with a bat.  I rolled up in a quilt and woke up four hours later.  Blerg – I haven’t been sick in years and I must say – it is really an unpleasant experience.  Better today – but still not well enough to actually do anything.  Thank goodness it snowed and iced.  No reason to go anywhere.  





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