empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

Halfway to 104

Thank you, lj buddies, for the birthday wishes.  This is an amazing community.


I’m not much for birthday celebrations.  As much as I love my kids, their birthdays – esp when they were little and had little kid parties, were a chore.   


I don’t want anything material anymore, which makes me a pain in the ass on my birthday – or any other gift-giving holiday.  The older I get, the less stuff I want or need. 


I like the gift of time.  I’m always happy to walk and yammer with family or friends.


My Daughter and I went to a matinee of  “Music and Lyrics” which was surprisingly funny and charming.  Every character, even the supporting ones, was well done.  Light and zesty, with a side of (almost) reality about what it takes to make a relationship work.


My birthday is the one night a year when nobody expects me to cook.  We all went out to dinner, my family and my parents.  The six of us are together for every major or minor event.  We are close and always have fun. 


Because of the snow and cold weather, the restaurant was not crowded and was quiet.  This made things easier on my parents, who both wear hearing aids. 


We ate too much and sat around together for a few hours.  The best gift.

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