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It beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Much to the weatherman’s surprise, it snowed a bunch around here.  This makes our nations capitol very quiet – no car or airplane sounds.  My Son is outside.  He trotted up to his Grandparents to shovel their driveway and sidewalk.  I’m sure they will give him cash, which he will take immediately to Quiznos and convert to a huge sub sandwich.  This will keep him from starving between lunch and dinner. So it goes.


Mr. Wonderful shoveled several times.  He likes cold weather.  I’m staying inside, asking myself the burning question – why am I wearing jeans instead of sweatpants?  It called for a mid course correction.  All better now.


Twenty years ago it snowed just as unexpectedly. I remember because I was in labor with our Daughter.


It would be hard to describe how glad I was to finally be in LABOR, being 14 days past my due date. 


 “Have the baby this weekend,” the midwife told me, “or you will end up on the cover of the National Enquirer.”  I spent the next day marching all over DC with a girlfriend, hoping to shake something loose.  I woke up the following morning in labor.


Things progressed smoothly.  I got to the birthing center at 2p in the afternoon and by 6pm I had a daughter.  Once I had a shower and a good meal, I was ready to go home to my own bed.  Which is the whole point of choosing to have a midwife-assisted birth at a birthing center.


Naturally, no one planned on a blizzard.  There we were, new parents, driving home in a snowstorm with a tiny baby mewling in the car seat.  Those days, we lived in a tiny, rural house down a tiny rural lane in Potomac Md.  It was pretty, surrounded by estates and horse farms. 


The ride home on those twisty, snowy roads was scary, but not in the fun way.


Mr. Wonderful got us home safe.  We collapsed into bed elated.  Our joy was tangible.  We had a daughter and we were all healthy.  We fell asleep right away, with our daughter between us. 


Within a few hours, our power was knocked out by the storm.  New Moms and New Babies need heat, so Mr. Wonderful found himself splitting kindling by the light of a flashlight in the middle of the night in a snowstorm.  He got the fireplace blazing and made up the sofa bed.  He was finding parenting to be nerve-wracking 


It was cozy with the blazing fire, dark and quiet except for the big tree limbs that started cracking around the house.  The heavy snow weighed the trees down. 


I slept through the branches that landed on the roof, but they kept Mr. Wonderful up worrying.  He was really happy when the sun came up and the power came back on.    


Today’s snowstorm was much tamer.  We have heat and flushing toilets.  No infant scaring the stuffing out of new parents. 


Kinda boring, really.     

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