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Wat Thai

It hosed down rain all day today, sideways because of the wind. Not an outside kind of day. Still, the Buddhist temple – the Wat -  down the street had their annual celebration in honor of the King of Thailand’s birthday. 


The temple grounds are covered in tents selling every kind of food, plants, clothing, music and just about anything else.  The ‘hood is packed with beautiful dark-haired Asians and tiny, tiny old ladies.  I didn’t envy the police, out in the rain directing traffic.   


We never miss it.  We have a laundry list of food that we look forward to.  Pad Thai, dumplings, sauté (beef, pork and chicken) fried plantains and our favorite dessert, mango and sticky rice.  Nothing motivates this family like the prospect of good food. 


The four of us suited up in boots and raincoats or umbrellas.  Off we marched into the sideways driving rain.  Usually we linger all afternoon, picnicking on the lawn and watching the little kids play exotic instrument and do traditional dances. 


Too coldwindyrainy today though, we bought food and squelched home.  After tossing the wet clothes and shoes in the laundry room, we put on our pj’s and ate a huge lunch.  Woof, it was good. 


Mr. Wonderful went off to band practice.  The rest of us slackers spent a considerable portion of the afternoon in the unconscious zone.  By the end of the day, I could put on my resume that I am fully qualified for a job as mattress tester.  I hardly even read, in spite of having a good book.  I just lay in a food coma and listened to the rain.


Suddenly it occurs to me:  if my Son hasn’t found them, there may be leftovers.  Life is good.


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