empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

This week keeps getting better and better

Mr. Wonderful bought a drum set he found on Craig’s List.  First came two days of anticipatory excitement.  Day one, the boys could barely eat dinner (truly unusual behavior) before they ran off to “look at it.” 

My Son was gibbering with glee when they got home.  Mr. Wonderful was more circumspect, but I recognized the glazed eye longing. 


“As long as you get it for X price,” I said.  It was about half the asking price.  It would never have occurred to Mr. W to negotiate.


Last night they brought the drum set home.  It is a huge amount o stuff, including at least 8 cymbals.  They set up downstairs, next to the trains, punching bag and paintball equipment.  Our basement is boyland. 


My Son runs home from school and bangs away.  To my dismay, the drum set is a teenage boy magnet. Callow youth are overrunning my house, leaving huge piles of stinky boy shoes by the front door (why, why, why? I don’t take my shoes off at other people’s houses).  On and on it goes all afternoon.  Then Mr. Wonderful comes home and drums all evening. 


The noise level here is unbelievable.  I had no idea an acoustic drum set was so loud.  The other drum set was electronic – complete with headphones.   If you were standing close you might hear tappata, tappata…. 


In my wildest dreams, I could not have thought that anything that loud would be considered fun.      


Everyone not me is having the best time ever.  There is no place here to get away from the sound.  Two floors up, 2 closed doors and I still can’t read or watch tv.  The floors shake and the windows rattle.  I might have to move out.   


What?!?!  I can’t hear you……


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