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The state of me...

So I was roasting in the sun, watching my boy’s baseball game, because I am a good Mom, when I noticed the girls.


Usually, there are maybe three parents in the stands on a big day.  “The four” were present (go read previous posts), along with several other teenage girls.


I hunkered down and eavesdropped.  Boy Howdie did I get an earful. 


“Did you and the girlfriend break up?” I asked my Son on the way home from the game.


“Uurrugh! How do you know this stuff?” Mr. Wonderful, Jr was horrified.


“All I had to do was sit in the stands and hear the four and their friends talk about you.  It’s an advantage to being invisible.”


“We broke up this morning.  I haven’t told anyone.  I’m not talking about it.”


“Well, your fan club is out in full force.  Good luck.”  It made him crabbier, but didn’t stop him from drinking a gallon of milk as soon as we got home.  Some things never change.


Should be an interesting summer. 




I was at a party last Saturday night, sitting with CNN people I hadn’t seen in a long time.  The question of what do you do now always comes up.


“I have a real talent for leisure.” I said.  “I lay in the hammock every afternoon.”  (Actually this is the truth)


Mr. Wonderful came by just then and snorted “Yeah – talent for leisure if you find continual manual labor relaxing.  She renovated the kitchen, stripped all the wallpaper in the house and repainted the interior.  Now she’s building retaining walls in the yard and moving the trees around so the gardens she’s planting will get better light.”

I felt like I had to defend myself.  “I spend a lot of time making the kids miserable.” 


And I do lie in the hammock in the afternoons with a book, mainly because I get too tired to move after a long morning of hauling stones, digging and planting.


“Jesus Pat, do you know you can hire people to do stuff like that?” 


Correspondent types always ‘hire people.”  What is up with that?  I love getting dirty and making my family miserable.  Why would I pay someone to do it for me?


“Really,” I assured everyone, “mostly I just goof off and count my blessings.  Not working is the bomb.”


Only CNN/Washington DC people would think not working is wasting time…




I am looking at the big lonely.  My very dearest at home Mom friend is leaving for Thailand in a few more weeks to join her husband’s foreign service posting.  We were at home Mom’s together long ago, and prolly see each other at least once a week.  There is a big history and a mutual shared love of books, plus she has a meaner sense of humor than me, which is really saying something. 


Additionally, my former neighbor and friend landed a great public health contract which will take her to South Africa for the next three years. 


I am really going to miss these smart, funny women.  Since I have already played the “I saved your Mother’s life” card to the max with Mr. Wonderful, I have to come up with some other reason that it is a good idea for me to go to Thailand and South Africa in the next few years.  Damn that college tuition!  Kids are expensive.


I’m thinking of making the case that my brains might explode if I can’t get away from the constant pounding on the drum set.  It prolly all comes down to who cooks dinner. 


Happy Mother’s Day!  Due to a strange twist of fate – I have 10 people here tomorrow.  Hope everyone likes hamburgers and salad, because I am kinda cranky.  Aren’t you supposed to take Mom out to brunch or something?  I feel a bout of hammock therapy coming on….
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