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The Hazards of gardening and other witterings....

Today was one of those days.  It started out great – lunch with a former work colleague.  It’s good for me to have to get dressed up (well, wear something besides workout or gardening clothes) put on earrings and mascara.  My buddy and I hadn’t seen each other in a long time and it was fun to eat and laugh. 


On the way home, driving past my Parents house, I spotted my Dad transplanting peonies.  This is a pretty labor-intensive activity for someone 78 years old, so I stopped to say hello and found myself getting muddy helping him.  I had a quick thought that I was really not dressed for playing in the dirt, but then decided that it was nothing that couldn’t be taken care of with a dose of Spray n’ Wash. 


Then I stepped on a sharp metal prong from the rake-y thing that was lying unnoticed in the grass.  Cue spurting blood and hysterical parents.  It didn’t hurt too much, but it was gross.


Plus – I ruined the one pair of cute summer shoes I own that go well with capri pants.  So after getting my stitches and tetanus shot, I have to go shopping.  Shit.  Yick times three. 


Then it was time for the last Gilmore Girls.  My Daughter and I have been watching for years, enjoying our Tuesday night date.  Before GG we used to watch Buffy – so Tuesday’s are going to be lonesome around here.  Once Veronica Mars goes off the air I won’t have a reason to watch television.  There will be no more smart strong women on Tuesdays.

Now I witter about television....run away.....

I can’t manage to sit through Lost, Heroes, Medium or Friday Night Lights without wandering away from the television mid show, feeling vaguely bored.  24 bores me to death – all that flailing around.  Doesn’t that guy ever laugh?  Grey’s Anatomy and Desperate Housewives – meh.  I though I liked them, and now both shows make me roll my eyes and wander away.  Don’t even get me started on shows that solve crimes or medical mysteries by poking at innards.  Yes, Hugh Laurie is hot.  Do ya think he’s going to be rude but brilliant?  Limp around? 


I must be getting old if I can’t just sit and enjoy eye candy.  


Since we work (ed) at CNN Mr Wonderful and I decided we’d rather not pay to watch tv.  Much to our children’s disgust, we are the one family in the US without cable or tivo.  I only see The Sopranos on dvd, but a little of that goes a long way. 


Looks like I’m taking a shopping bag to the library and spending a lot of time on the couch with a book.  With my foot propped on an icepack.


Always leave your yard tools prongs down.  Unless you really want to shop for shoes.   

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