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Life Update

I love saying “Paris Hilton in the slammer”.  It doesn’t get old, for some reason.


The Washington Post was really fun last Sunday.  Larry Flint and Hustler magazine ran a full-page ad promising a MILLION dollar reward to anyone who could prove they had an affair with a member of congress.


I am so pleased by this example of free press and democracy in action.  I love the idea of some Senator Blowhard waking up Sunday morning, drinking his coffee and coming across that ad.  I wonder who will be outed this time.    


This same ad, during the Clinton impeachment, brought down Newt Gingrich, Bob Livingston (who had the job for maybe two minutes) and ushered in the forgettable Denny Hastert Speaker of the House era.


More important, and more fun, than Paris Hilton in the slammer.  Hee.


So much for the political commentary portion of the post; now it’s all about ME.

Type your cut contents here.

It seems that time flows in a big wooshing rush around here.  The kids are out of school and underfoot all the time.  My Son turned 16 and got his braces off, which makes him even prettier and me $5,500 poorer.  My Daughter is on track to zoom through college in three years and it looks like she already has a job in her chosen field.  They have grown up in 15 minutes.   


Mr. Wonderful’s new drum set drives from the house on a semi-regular basis. I flee teenage boys daily OR the dreaded band practice.  Every Sunday the middle age boys drive up and proceed to have themselves a time for about two hours.  I never thought I would view shopping as a blessed escape.  My life is turned upside down.


We are leaving later in the week for vacation.  Usually, we pick Europe or Martha’s Vineyard or some other smashing destination.  This year Mr. Wonderful really wanted two things: quiet and not too much driving.


We’ve rented a cabin on a lake near were he grew up in Pennsylvania.  It’s uber rustic.  No cell phone or blackberry service, so CNN can’t get him claiming emergency.  Na Na NA. 


The sense of time passing and things ending is especially present this vacation.  Both kids will be adults soon, with their own lives.  Mr. Wonderful and I have worked really hard to give them both roots and wings, but this last few years seems to have gone as fast as all the other years combined.  It feels like it might be the last family vacation for a while.


Mr. Wonderful and I will be married 22 years tomorrow.  We’ve been together 27 years total.  More than half my life, speaking of time flying by.


So there you have it – life update.      



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