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Thank you renee2939 for the idiot proof icon instructions.  Now I have an icon like all the cool kids.

Hope this makes you laugh.

My Husband and Spike

Three years ago, for Christmas, one of my staff gave me a life size cut out of Spike.  There he was, all black leather and cheekbones, large as life, only cardboard.  Spike lived in my office, scaring the crap out of the unaware (including me) for the first few weeks.  I loved it and the rest of the bureau was amused by my delight in this gift.

Two years ago I left my job to be at home Mom again (a story for another day).  Naturally, Spike came home with me.  I installed him in our bedroom so I could lie in bed and gaze...

My Husband - "Why does he have to be here?'

Me - "Because honey, when I close my eyes at night, that's who you are."

My Husband - "What??! I'm not Russell Crowe anymore?"

A couple of weeks later Mr. Wonderful (husband, not Spike) was vacuuming the bedroom (the man is a god).  I overheard him saying "Excuse me Spike," when he moved the cutout to vacuume under the dresser.  It made me laugh out loud.

It seemed hard to write about my husband until I finally realized - it's hard to isolate a little piece of such a big ball of why I like him to write about.  How many rules of grammar did I slaughter in that last sentence?

My Son and Spike

Several weeks ago, my son and a friend perched on "my" (it's never my husband's or "our" bed) to watch a dvd.  Apparently, my son's friend was squiked by Spike in the corner. My son picked up Spike and moved him to the master bath.  The boys could continue to watch whatever scary movie had them in thrall.  Problem solved.

Hours later I zipped upstairs to pee.  If you were paying attention, you could have heard the shriek in outer space.  My hubby came running up the stairs in a panic and my son about hit the ceiling in his bedroom.  My scream petered out as I realized that it was Spike standing in my bathroom, not the intruder/rapist/murder/big scary guy.

Husband and Son about died laughing.  I had to change my underwear.

Spike can be pretty damn scary, even now.



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