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Life is Unfair

I have been absent for a long time.  I had expected to be lonesome this summer, as my best buddy moved to Thailand.  I had no way to anticipate this.  It’s hard to write about what has happened, but I can’t ignore it, either.  The only way forward is through.   


We came back from our vacation rested and happy.  Then life happened.  

Type your cut contents here.

My Son came downstairs early one morning and told me that two of his classmates were dead.  They were brothers, one had just graduated high school – the other brother was in my Son’s television production class.  They were really nice boys, from a really nice family.  The Mom had gone off to work that am, and then Dad shot the brothers in their beds.  There was never any sign that anything was wrong with Dad. 


My Son is pretty sure that his Dad, Mr. Wonderful, hangs the moon.  The idea that a father could do that to his kids has been a mind boggler for all of us.  I can’t imagine what would provoke a person to do that.  I don’t have words of reassurance for my Son.  Life is unfair doesn’t begin to cover it.


Our family took a moment from real life and went to the beach for the day.  We had barely broken out the sunblock when my Daughter’s cell phone rang.  It was her best girlfriend, hysterical.  Best girlfriends boyfriend, also a close friend of my daughter, had been killed in a car accident.  Someone had fallen asleep at the wheel, crossed traffic and hit him.  He was only a few blocks from his home.  Watching my Daughter and her friends deal with their grief has been heart breaking.


There has been a lot of sorrow in our lives this summer.  There are a many things we will never understand.  Life isn’t fair.    
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