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Coming back to life

In my professional life, I thrived on stress.  All news junkies do.  Long hours because of breaking news were my element.  A slow news day made me itchy. 


Personal stress has always been the exact opposite.  I call it “Lutheran Sleep Response.”  The first sign of a crisis and I can snore for 10 hours straight. 


It’s a gift.  Still, I think I have redefined the term “lethargy” this summer.


I know I am coming out of it now.  THANK YOU SO MUCH, Larry Craig. 


*Snort*   This is even more fun than Alberto Gonzales and Karl Rowe. 


BTW Michael Vick just made me sick.  He can sit in jail forever and I won’t miss him – not that I knew who he was before.  Jezzus – what can possibly be fun about dog fighting?   He should be reincarnated to the short brutal life of a kindergarten pet.


Thus ends the commentary portion of this post. 


My Daughter is back at UofM.  She’s majoring in Arabic and will definitely have her undergrad degree in three years.  I just stand back and watch her set the world on fire 


My Son moped all Sunday, mourning the end of summer.  Monday morning he was fired up and excited to see his buddies.  He’s a rising junior.  He’s taking classes like AP Chemistry and Pre-Calculus (I think 4 AP classes total).  He’ll be a busy guy.  It occurs to me that I could not pass if I were taking any of my kid’s classes.


Well, somebody has to hold down the couch cushions.  The world needs slackers, too.  I’ll make the sacrifice. 


Mr. Wonderful handed me a list of 70 people to invite to his 50th birthday party.  Come one, come all and see the man whose warranty is about to expire.  I promise the band won’t play for long…


To prepare for this great event, band practice happens here every Sunday afternoon.  The sound you hear is me cursing the universe. 

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