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Mr. Wonderful forwarded me an email earlier this week.  A woman had written to him identifying herself as a middle-school teacher who had our son in her 8th grade history class.  This woman wrote that “over many bottles of wine” Tom had agreed to speak at the middle school’s career day.  Finally, she told him, “say hello to Connie for me.”


FYI - Mr. Wonderful would be the perfect guy to speak to middle school kids about doing well in math, science, history and english so they too could someday have a stressful job in television.  His question was:  Do you have any idea who this is?


I pointed out that I wasn’t along on any dates where he drank lots of wine with strange women.  He’d have to remember by himself.


“Well” he told me, “there have been so many.”


It made us both giggle and remember the time my Son’s 3rd grade teacher, during a parent-teacher conference, complemented us on our friendly divorce.  Squashed in the little kiddy chair, I did not fall down while laughing. 


We explained that I had a different last name because I could not be bothered to stand in line at the DMV.  (This is true – I took one look at the line all those years ago and told Mr. W that if he wanted us both to have the same last name he could stand in the line.  It never came up again, ever.) 


In elementary school, Mr. Wonderful did all the volunteering because I was the working parent and was never home.  “Plus” I added helpfully, “I would rather stick needles in my eyes than go to a PTA meeting.”  


We were still chuckling when the horrified teacher showed us our son’s class journal.  “I like Mom’s” he had written.  “One of my Mom’s works at CNN.”  We about died laughing.  I’m sure that nice young teacher thought we were insane. 


Now, when Mr. W wants a ride to metro in the morning, I tell him to ask Connie.  She can do his laundry too.


Mr. Wonderful wrote back to the teacher, graciously agreeing to speak to 8th graders at career day.  He also asked – “Who the heck is Connie?”  Turns out that she had someone besides my hubby in mind when she wrote the email (duh).  Too late though; Mr. Wonderful already agreed to go back to middle school for the day.   Ha!




In other news of no importance – Mr. W’s 50th birthday party was a great success.  We had good friends and food, plus Mr. W’s band played a few short sets.  Sometimes it is really good to count our blessings.  

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