empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

A Letter

Last week, as I was leading my excessively boring life, a strange thing happened.  I got a letter, sent snail mail.  I don’t think I’d gotten one of those in years….


Here goes:




I hope this note finds you well.   I just got back from (my college).  I went camping with my friends.  We rode around town on Saturday and I saw some old houses and thought of some old friends.  One of them was you.  I remember you and how sweet you were to me.  I just wanted you to know.


When I got home, I looked up your name in the FSU Alumni Directory and wrote you this note.  I hope it finds its’ way to you!


Allen N


You can write back if you like.




I showed the letter to Mr. Wonderful and we had this conversation:


Mr. W - “Did everyone have a crush on you back then”?


Me - “I looked a lot better 30 years ago, before the news industry made me fat and cynical.”


Then the Red Socks did something and he lost interest.  No advice there.


I have the vaguest memory of who this person might be.  I have no idea how or if to respond.


Anybody out there have any opinion?  



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