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Love is the sum of irritations

Mr. Wonderful has been in Los Vegas all week.  CNN was covering the Democratic debates (in case you didn't notice the big wind).  It was a bonus that OJ was there in his latest round of court appearances.  CNN should send OJ a thank you card for what he has done for the ratings over the years.


I had to drive Mr. W to the airport at 6am last Sunday morning.  All the squee I felt for him being a rock star and making pie was gone – big time.  I was my most charming - the sleepy, grouchy, evil crap fairy.  As he kissed me goodbye he couldn’t resist a dig:  “You have to pick me up Friday at 8p.”  This is to get the full benefit of traffic – both ways – starting the Thanksgiving weekend. 


Thanksgiving conversation starts at Halloween around our house.  The much-discussed topic over dinner is what are we going to eat this year?


In this one moment, I don’t remember how the tradition got started – but every year we pick the meal we would most like to eat and it is never turkey.  Memorable standouts – home made lasagna, Caesar salad (always a constant) bbq ribs and mashed potatoes.  You really haven’t lived until you have lasagna and mashed potatoes on your plate at the same time.  Ugh.  Everyone else loved it.  Needless to say – we rarely have company for Thanksgiving. 


Last year the boys wanted steak and the girls had shrimp.  This year the discussion went on endlessly.  I tuned it out until consensus was reached: home made pizzas, vodka cake for dessert.  This will be fun because pizza is a group effort.  There is a lot of chopping stuff around the table and we take turns rolling out the dough.  Fun will be had. 


I’m off to sit in traffic and be irritated at the man I love.


Tags: love is the sum of irritations
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