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It ain't the 300....


I just had the funniest experience.....


My oldest friend and I try and meet at least every other weekend for a hike around a local lake.  It gives us time to catch up and to get a workout.  Yesterday, as we were hiking we stumbled into this....http://www.dagorhir.com/


It was unbelievable - maybe 350-400 men - ages about 15 to 30 - all dressed ----well, we had Trojans, Hobbits, Orks, Middle Ages armor and weird (er) hybrids.  It looked like a Renaissance Festival gone strange, where everyone had mutilated their Mom’s good sheets.  

"Indie movie?" I said to my friend.

"Someone should have been in charge of costume continunity," she answered.


Apparently we had run smack into the Thanksgiving battle.  Teams lined up facing each other on the open field, yelled 1, 2, 3, GO (talk about a lame battle cry btw – if you make the effort to elaborately costume yourself and drive for hours there should be an official battle cry.  Just saying)  


They charged and attacked each other with homemade nerf swords, lances, arrows, maces, axes, etc, etc, etc.  They all had shields (think crib mattresses) with medieval logos and amazing headgear.


It sounded exactly like a pillow fight, but everyone was so serious, what with the being wounded or dying etc.  I watched some of the faces and realized that they were really in Middle Earth, battling to the death.  Did I mention that it was about 400 20-something cute guys out there whapping each other with nerf swords?


I came screeching home.  Mr. Wonderful was raking leaves.  “Get in the car,” I hollered.  He told me later that he was imagining a hospital run, but I had a big grin, so he just got in the car and I went zooming back to the lake.  We watched for about 45 minutes (Battle of the Bridge) before we were frozen.


“Paintball”, he informed me, “is played with uniforms, not costumes.” 


“Men,” I countered, “are the most bizarre creatures.”


Think of how many 20 something women are getting manicures and pedicures, worrying about their eyebrows and fit of their jeans over their boots. 


The guys they are trying to attract are charging each other with nerf lances in a big muddy field.


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