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If wishes were fishes...

For the first time ever, Mr. Wonderful took down the Christmas tree yesterday and packed up all the ornaments. 


Coming home and having that chore done make me realize that I’d like Christmas a lot more if someone not me sent out the cards, decorated the house, planned, shopped, wrapped gifts AND went to the post office to mail off the out of towners. 


While I’m fantasying, I wish someone not me was responsible for all the extra grocery shopping, cooking, baking, liquor store runs.  Oooohhhh!  Now I’m pretending that someone not me was cleaning the house and scrubbing the bathrooms.


I think Christmas is way more fun for the person who has no idea how much extra effort it involves.  Which is the definition of Mr. Wonderful.   As much as I enjoy the holidays – the day after Christmas is my best, simply because I’m a year away from Christmas, hurray!


We had fun, saw friends and had a great New Years.  Now that everyone is back at work or school and the tree is down I have the pleasure of being alone without the jolly or the irritating music.  BooYah! 


Yesterday, while Mr. Wonderful was being wonderful and making Christmas go away, I took my daughter for a long promised mall crawl.  The mall bribe conversation on December 19th went like this:


Me – “Please don’t die during this heart procedure.  I’ll take you to the mall and buy you things without mocking your wardrobe choices.”


Her – “Can I have a pony?”


Me – “No”


As they wheeled her away she called out to us “I really want a pony!”  The surgical staff cracked up.  So did we. 


The conversation was the start of a really long and stressful day.  This has been pretty much the order of bidness around here since July, when my lovely, smart daughter started having episodes of rapid and uneven heart palpitations. 

Cue many doctor visits, and a tentative diagnosis of paroxysmal supra ventricular tachycardia.  Surgical ablation is the cure for the lucky ones.


As you can see, I learned to spell many new words. 


I did research up the whazoo. No one was safe.  I contacted the President of Medstar to discuss hospitals and doctors.  I learned the names of the areas best cardiologist’s assistants and shamelessly pursued them.  This enabled me to track down cardiologists at their vacation homes to ask questions.  I have been dogged, persistent, and restless.  I bullied our insurer into going outside our plan to a “pioneer in the field.”


Ultimately, it didn’t matter.  My daughter’s problem cannot be cured with ablation without also needing a pacemaker.  Not an option for a 20 year old. Now I am researching long term beta or calcium blockers to control the arrhythmia.  No way am I letting this curtail her life or options.


And there is always hope - a good chance that micro or nano surgery will be perfected within the next 10 years.  Y’all know I’ll be the person asking the questions and weighing the options.


The mall crawl was fun.  My daughter is intelligent, beautiful and really good company.  It is a relief to have her fully recovered from her procedure.  There are many things I wish – that this could have been surgically solved AND that I could fit into the leather jacket she got on super sale. 


Mostly I wished I had some magical gizmo that would turn down the volume of the music in the stores. 


Luckily I don’t have to wish for a bright future.  She has that.

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