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The learners permit

Mr. Wonderful can always be relied upon to lose something; wallet, keys, cell phone.  Now he also has to keep track of his glasses, so there is even more stomping around looking in places they would never be.  I decided long ago that this wasn’t my problem.  My lips will drop off before I tell him where his stuff is. If I can see it out in plain sight he could too, if he actually used the brain in his head.  


On vacation a few years back, he left his wallet back home.  He had to call my Mom and ask her to Fed Ex to Martha’s Vineyard.  Meantime, he was without any cash, or an ATM card.  He couldn’t so much as buy a slice of pizza.  I ignored the suffering but cheerfully mocked him.


Sometimes, living with the results of being stoopid is the best lesson.  Looks like our Son is going to learn this the hard way, also.


Yesterday, I took Number Only Son for his learners permit.  He was 16 last May, but in Empresspatti land, you have to have a minimum of 3.0 grade average to qualify for driving.  Not one C and two A’s for example.  Since he had turned in an A in physics and a C in Algebra 2, he earned a trip to summer school instead of the MVA. 


He also got too comfortable on his bike.  Time to kick butt again. 


Yesterday, we went to the MVA.  It REALLY is hell on earth.  We fought traffic through the icky hail/sleet to get there.  We stood in line.  We found out that my nitwit son had forgotten to bring proof of identity.  Cue a very cross ride home, stomping around the house and another miserable drive back to the MVA.


Then we sat on our asses for 3 ½ hours waiting for C48 to be called.  I read an entire book.  I watched woman with their thong underwear showing, truly unattractive no matter how pretty you are.  I watched parents dealing with screaming children. Why come to the MVA without so much as a juice box or toy? I watched MVA workers slouch around being slooowww, apparently for fun. 


I have never seen so many stoopid people in one room in my life.  If someone had been buying 16 year old boys – I would have sold my Son in a heartbeat.


The best part?  He finally got to a kiosk, had the vision test, got the picture taken, remembered his ss#, he was pointed to another line – maybe 300 deep – to take the exam.


So we go back today to wait in line another 3 hours.  Anyone want a 16-year-old boy?  I’m willing to part with him for a bargain price.


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