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Spring Cleaning

Mr. Wonderful gave me a few seasons of Gilmore Girls for my birthday.    Cue me wrapping up in a blanket and spending weeks lying on the couch watching television.  He’d be horrified if he knew the sloth he unleashed.


In his world, all was normal, since I bestirred myself to make dinners.  Except for cooking, I barely moved or had an interaction with the planet.  It was refreshing.


Before I digress further, this is a long way of saying that I haven’t been online for a long time.  If something happened, I missed it.  Hope all is well with you guys.


While I hibernated, the end of winter happened.  Suddenly, days are longer and the weather is great.  I rolled off the couch into the garden and spent days cleaning, raking, cutting down the last of the nuisance trees and building the final retaining wall.  Nothing like a little back braking labor to cheer me up.  You might have heard the ear splitting shriek the day I raked up the snake. 


Once, when the kids were little, I planted a bazillion bulbs.  What the squirrels didn’t eat came up nicely.  To celebrate, the kids knocked all the blooms off with their nerf swords.  I learned a valuable parenting lesson, and gave up on gardening for decades. 


I had another bout of spring energy this morning.  I vacuumed, dusted, cleaned bathrooms and did laundry.  I went to the gym, made soup for dinner and enjoyed the perfection that happens when every chore is crossed off the list. 


Then my son came home from school and stopped up the toilet.  You haven’t really had fun until you have potty fun.  Egads!  We had an hour of real excitement, followed by an hour of clean up, then dueling showers.  Not an experience I care to repeat.


Next week, Mr. W and Son go on a road trip to look at colleges.  This will send me back to the blanket/couch state of mind.  Anyone have suggestions for dvd viewing?  Is Life on Mars good? 


I won’t even have to get up to cook dinner. 


Tags: spring cleaning
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