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Evilawyer tagged me a few weeks ago – list seven habits/quirks/facts

This has potential to go to a scary place.

With the exception of my-cousin-the-travel-writer, who found it on his own, no one in my RL has any idea that I have a journal. I like it like that.

I love to scare myself. If I’m coming home late at night alone, or to an empty house, I imagine all kinds of monsters. Why is this fun? I have no idea, but I love to pull up to the house muttering, “the dark windows look like empty eyes” or some other nonsense.

I occasionally talk in my sleep. Recently, I bellowed, “There’s! Monkeys! Everywhere! Mr. Wonderful, laughing silently, shook the bed so much he jiggled me awake. Which made me grouchy because waking up always makes me grouchy.

About life in general, I like to laugh. I’m usually in a good mood. AFTER 8am. I am one evol, silent person before two cups of coffee and 8am. I’d rather bite you than talk to you. I’d rather run over you with my car than bite you. I hate everybody and everything until two cups of coffee and 8am. Leave me alone. Period.

I can’t be bothered with cable or tivo. Maybe because my family didn’t have a television till I was 12. First it was The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Then, Dynasty. Years later I found Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars. Now – nothing. I’ve enjoyed X-Files, Bones, Lost, Prison Break, House, Chuck, Reaper – but not enough to care week to week. I’m back to books.

If my family wouldn’t revolt, I’d make soup, salad and biscuits for dinner every night. I could eat grilled cheese for lunch every day – pumpernickel bread, sharp cheddar, thinly sliced tomato, with a side of cucumber. I make great cookies. I like to cook.

I sleep like a (snoring) rock. Makeup (esp mascara) gives me the creeps. So do high-heeled shoes. They always look painful, sound cloompy and make women walk funny. Who really believes walking on tip toe is fun?

This proves I am boring, but there you go, I am relieved that none of my more awful traits escaped during this meme….
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