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My Cousin the Travel Writer

My Cousin-the-Travel-Writer just sent me his newest book. It’s called: Under the Protection of the Cow Demon: dispatches from the unexpected world.

He writes about travel (duh) the search for quiet places, love and loss, and how great our world is. Reading it took me to places I may never see, laughing and learning along the way.

I hope someone who reads my blog will take a chance and plonk down the $14.99 at Amazon and treat themselves to a superior reading experience.


My-Cousin-The-Travel-Writer is an unexpected gift in my life. We have always lived at opposite ends of the world. Or I should say – he’s lived many places and I’ve lived here, planted like a tree stump.

I can’t remember how we became such good friends. He came though DC a few times – back from Japan or on his way to Outer Bummerpickle. He’d stay with me and we’d have fun and email was born and that was that.

He suffered through chandelier shopping with me in Venice.

“That is the ugliest thing I have ever seen,” he told me. (btw – his fav color is brown. I rest my case)

“I’m leaving it to you when I die,” I told him. “If I don’t decide to be buried with it.”

He’s on his way back to Venice soon. Although he violently objects – he is going to look for another chandelier for me.

“You can feel superior and I get a three candle for my foyer. It’s win-win.” I told him.

He said “no” about 30 times before he capitulated, which tells you what a good guy he is and how persistent I am.

I hope you read the book and let me know what you think. I’d love to share this experience.
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