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Last post I was whining about shopping. The story had a happy ending. I got to the mall and within 50 minutes had a great shirt, pair of ankle boots and snazzy pants in a much smaller size than I have bought in a long time. Yea for working out. Really motivated me to stay the course and see if I can find the ass I had at 25 or maybe 30. 

Today feels like anything is possible.

Party was fun - saw lots of old friends and former work colleagues. Since Hubby and I worked at same place for a few years it was double fun. He's still there and I'm not, but it just seemed like old times, only everyone told me how good I was looking. What fun, go me!

I was designated driver - as always as I don't esp like to drink. Hubby proceeded to have himself a really good time which was a joy to see. He is always such the straight arrow. #1 student in high school, scholar in college, Eagle Scout all the way. His attitude has always been pretty serious and responsible.

The opposite of me. My philosophy has always been EAT PIE AND DANCE.

This all leads to something - stay with me..... 

Twenty one years ago today we were walking around DC.  He with a slight headache from too much fun the night before at a holiday party. I was wearing a necklace of reindeer bells and making as much noise as possible because he was too macho to take a few aspirin.  We sat down under a statue on a traffic island and he said "will you marry me?"  I said,  "I'd love to." 

Two kids, four houses and twenty one years later I know every reason why I love him.  When I ask him why he loves me he says "I just do."

This man rings my chimes on a regular basis.  Always has and always will.  Someday I'll tell him I have a blog and see if he actually finds this post. 

Meanwhile - EAT PIE AND DANCE.  It's good advice. 

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