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My Son

My son has grown 6 inches since May. He drank a gallon of milk a day last week. I took him to the shoe store for the second time in six weeks today and he had to get shoes 2 sizes larger. He and his friends get off the school bus, walk in and eat multiple loaves of bread and pounds of lunch meat in minutes.

He went to the grocery store with me today and talked me into a gallon of chocolate milk and a gallon of ice cream. Then he carried all the groceries into the house for me without being asked. Right now he and his buddies are making milkshakes and trashing the kitchen.

14 is a really, really great age. I can't help him with his physics homework, but I am the man when it comes to honors english. I make him read for 30 minutes each night before he goes to bed and it can't be PC Magazine. I have said "pick up your socks" to him at least 10 bizillion times in the last 6 hours. (He apparently sheds them). I have said "turn down your music" 10 million times in the last hour. Sometimes the noise makes my nerves jangle and sometimes it just makes me happy. I turned him on to Hendrix, Ramones, Cream, Kinks, Beatles, and 10,000 Manics and Tina Turner. He thinks I'm cool because I saw The Who and Led Zeppelin was their unknown warm up band. He may be the only person on the planet who sometimes thinks I'm cool.

The deal I made with my husband was 1)have a girl 2)have twin boys. Well, we had a girl (a post for another day) and then we had a son. If he had been twins we could not have afforded to feed him!

Kids are really cool as long as you don't mind not having your own life after you produce them. It's like having your heart walk around outside your body.
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