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The Merry, Merry Month of May

Somehow it became May.  Egads!  Events have been zipping along fast here.


Summary as follows: 


I had a college road trip with my Son.  Between the condom incident and the Vice Principal of the High School calling about behavior, this was a welcome oasis of goodtime between Son and Mom.  Road trip complete with cable tv at the hotel and fast food went a long way to easing miffed feelings.  I also realized that despite all the trappings of loud, smelly, milk guzzling, sock-dropping boy, this young man is serious in his dedication to visual arts.  This is not a phase.  He knows what he wants to do.  Isn’t that amazing? I am so proud of him.


Then we had the month of illness around here.  Cue me at the doctors with my Daughter numerous times.  Sinus infection, bronchitis, the yak and finally, the day I got back from college road trip, a throat that looked like popcorn kernels exploded.


“This,” I said to her, “is a truly revolting development.”


“Looks like you are in for another round of MomSlave.”  Sick as my Daughter was, the anticipation of me waiting on her while she recovered made her happy.


Off to the Dr, again.  He looked in her mouth and said “Yuck.”  Very reassuring.  Then he insisted on a blood test, which is funny because my girl always faints during blood drawl.  Well, I thought it was funny but I sometimes have a skewered sense of humor.  Turns out this Dr once got called to attend her in a previous blood work/fainting episode, the one where she managed the drawl, but fainted 4 minutes later in the Rx line. 


“I thought you looked familiar,” the Dr said to my Daughter.  I about died laughing.  


She had mono – or more specifically, a virus that mimics mono.  No, not a result of her heart procedure suppressed immune system (it isn’t), medication or stooped behavior.  The doctor looked at me with sympathy when I asked.  “She is in college.  It’s like standing in the road during rush hour traffic.  She’s gonna get hit.” 


She soldiered on, really miserable some days.  I came when called, made smoothies (easy to swallow) and generally stepperfetched.  A month later, she feels fine. 


Meanwhile – Back at the Ranch - I thought I was having miserable spring allergies but SUPPRISE!  A sinus infection that got bad enough to spread to my ear.  Now I’m antibiotic girl, hoping that someday soon the pressure and fluid behind my eardrum goes away because it feels miserable and I can’t hear anything unless you talk to my left ear. Yeesh.  I need an ear horn for public occasions.  Recently, I’ve been 53 going on 80.


Mr. W is mostly AWOL with CNN and the primaries.  Then, all of the sudden, we were in the same room at the same time and realized that end of May our Daughter graduates college.  She zoomed through in less than 3 years. 


So now, besides gawking at the milestone, I’m busy with prep for lots of company and a graduation party.  I had to go to a store that wasn’t Home Depo and buy things that weren’t jeans and a black T-shirt to wear.  I am happy to report that I have a dress (it’s been at least 6 years since I wore a dress) for the graduation ceremony.  I have linen capri’s and a shirt that isn’t black for the graduation party.  I have shoes that are not used for aerobic exercise.  If someone takes my picture, I won't be dressed in early bag lady.  


So, everyone is growing up except me.   


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