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Beware of bad mood

Number 1 rule around here was first instituted when the kids were little:


Whining is punishable by Death. 


So I can’t whine.  But Boy Howdie I want to.


Today was my second Dr appt this week about my ear.  In brief: Sinus infection is gone.  Ear is worse. 


Stoopid ear infection and abrupt hearing loss makes me cranky.  All Day Long I act like it is Before 8am, which you all know is my least favorite time of life.  I am just oozing the opposite of charm these days.


The ear specialist looked in my ear and said “Eww.”


“Now I feel better,” I told him.


He insists that I have an inner ear infection AND an ear canal infection called ‘Swimmers Ear’.


“I can’t, I haven’t been near a bathing suit or water all year.”


“Well you are a medical marvel” I like this Doctor because no matter how much I scowl at him, he doesn’t get flustered.  He is a very cute and maybe 12 years old.  Yeesh.


So, I am still miserable AND kinda deaf on my right side.  I have more antibiotic, nose spray, eardrops.  My hearing should amble back with my health, but right now, in the middle of the night, when I like to lie in bed and worry about things, I worry about not being able to hear well. 


What if I can’t eavesdrop on strangers’ conversations in public places?


End of not whining.



Tomorrow my Brother, his wife and The Twins come for a week.  My Parents are in osculation – as am I.  They live in California. I haven’t seen them in two years. 


The twins (who firmly and forever knocked me off the grandchild-producing pedestal) are almost 13 – a boy/girl combo of smart and beautiful.  My Brother’s wife stays slim and likes to shop, so I try not to stand next to her in family pictures.  Too much contrast.


I’m always glad to live around the corner from my Parents.  It is even better at times like this when the whole family can be together with minimal squishing.  The cousins can ramble between houses and everyone has a bedroom.  My kind of visit.


The week after the California Contingent leave, my Daughter graduates college.  This means another onslaught of company and the kind of life event that leaves me happy and frazzled.  My heart is so full right now.  Too bad I can’t hear anything….



In other news of the world, my Son came home today and asked me to help him make baked ziti.  He invited his girlfriend over for a “nice dinner I made myself.” 


After I picked my teeth up off the floor we had a very enjoyable hour in the kitchen.  The college road trip was good for us.  He suggested this summer that we go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Sounds like fun.

Now he is upstairs taking a shower and shaving (!).  Mr. W and I will have to eat in the garage, I guess, since we would really ruin the romantic mood. 


Baked ziti – yum!

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