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General Life Update....

My Brother, his wife and the twins left yesterday, back to Sunny California.  It was a really good visit, complete with enough hosing rain to impress people that only have to wear long pants and jackets every two years when they visit the east coast.


The twins – a boy and girl turning 13 in September, are the kind of child brainiacs who have already been culled into a special school for the uber-smart.


“Hogwarts?” I asked them over a bonding trip to McDonalds.  They giggled and stuffed themselves – amazing considering how often Grandma was cramming food into them. 


They are both long and coltish and California blond/beautiful.  This trip for crap food was my only chance for one on one.  It was enlightening to hear them talk about how much they liked their new school – mainly because they took so much flack at their old school for being “the smartest.”


“We’re still the smartest,” my Nephew informed me, “but everyone else is smart too so it doesn’t matter.” 


“I’m smarter than you,” I told him, “don’t you forget it.”


“That’d debatable,” they both told me, and we all laughed.


My Brother is six years younger, my only sibling.  Because of the age difference we both have an only-child type of, um, childhood.


I was in school all day by the time he was born and away at college when he was 12.  We are on different spectrums in political opinion.  We don’t see each other often, what with the living on different coasts. 


Still, we love each other and share a happy family childhood.  We both think the same things are funny (pretty much everything) which goes a long way when loving doesn’t include a lot of common interests beyond a fierce love of our shared families.  We might never share a  life – but we are blood, ya know? 


This also makes me even more grateful for My-Cousin-The-Travel-Writer, because he is my other brother – common interests, easy understanding and close contact.  I’m lucky to have the family I have.


This next week brings my Daughters College Graduation – more company and over-eating opportunities.  Mr. Wonderful’s Dad and Step mom are coming to share the excitement. 


My Father in Law is slightly to the right of Attila the Hun.  I don’t behave the way he thinks I should – but what is family for if you can’t be irritating? 


We have a magnetic Hillary Clinton bumper sticker to sneak onto his car.  I sure hope they call and laugh when they notice it.  It could go either way.


A lot happened to my Son this week.  He got his new, much desired and worked for computer.  He turns 17 next weekend.  On Friday we discovered he has four impacted wisdom teeth.  He gets to live on Tylenol till after his birthday paintball excursion, final exams and SAT’s.  Talk about a visit from the Crap Fairy….


Then, Mr. W got a call last night.  Son and two friends were at the local shopping strip, which is Boy-Nirvana (Quiznos, Pizza Stop, McDonalds, Baskin-Robbins).  At 7:30p in broad daylight, my Son was robbed of his video camera. 


He has it with him all the time, since making movies is his thing.  It was ugly, the robber threatened that he had a gun – WHICH WAS NEVER SEEN – to scare the boys from jumping him.  He took off on a bike and my son called his Dad and 911.  Cue police visits and oodles of stress. 


I am limp with relief that no one was hurt.  It’s a crappy rite of passage to adulthood, which makes me sad.  No matter how vigilant, I can’t protect him from bad stuff.  I was proud of the way he handled himself.  

True to the way we handle stress in this family, everyone slept for about 12 hours straight last night.  I don’t look forward to the conversation I'll have with my Parents today because they are going to fret and worry.  Feh.


But still – It is a new day – everyone is fine and we have fun to look forward to.  Life is good.



What a relief it is to post all this and get it out of my head!


This is the time to thank everyone who takes the time to share my life, comment on my LJ and post about themselves.  Y’all are a source of joy and fun.   I should mention that more often.

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