empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

The Par-tay

Mr. W and I had a marriage enhancing experience today.  We went to Costco together.  That place rivals the DMV for the title of hell on earth. 


$$$$+ later, we have all the ingredients for the Graduation Par-tay. 


Saturday we are having 40 of our nearest and dearest over to celebrate the end of paying college tuition for our Daughter.  She is officially a college regurgitate.


Par-tay weather looks to be 97 degrees and humid.  Oh Joy!  What better weather for an evening bbq?  It makes me crabby to think about, plus, I have miles to cook before I can sleep. 


Because Hillary couldn’t concede on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday lots of our CNN buddies will be uber stressed by the time they get to our house on Saturday.  Primary season has spread the misery everywhere. 


To counter the looming travel/exhaustion my friends will endure during the  election campaign, I bought extra beer and a really good cake.  Plus, I have sparklers, tiny tanks that shoot flames and bottle rockets from South of the Border.  Pyro-mania makes news people happy.


Since we have had so much company and family event stuff lately, Mr. W felt sorry for me and took a few days off work to help.  Thus – we stood in line at Costco.  I bought him a hot dog for lunch.  We watched little kids melt down, adults dueling over parking spaces with their big ass cars, and people acting like jerks in the gas line.  Charming.

Mr. W had tickets to the Nationals game tonight – but after the experience with humanity at Costco, plus the heat, no one felt like going.  Home with television repeats seemed more fun.  Aren’t we pathetic?


Sometime Saturday, with my favorite peeps around, I’ll remember how lucky I am.  Right now, I have to make hamburgers….  

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