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Age of Wisdom

Monday my Son had four wisdom teeth removed. Talk about a drive-by shot from the Crap Fairy!  It was his first day of school break. 


We had the fun wait – about an hour and a half – before getting to the Chair of Doom.  Then, possibly worse, he had to watch a badly produced video of What Could Happen.  Mr. Film Maker was offended. 


Permanent jaw damage didn’t worry him; it was the bad editing, poor graphics and spotty sound. 


“Can we just sign the papers and get to the yanking part?”  I was already over 1) listening to him mock the video and 2) sitting around waiting for him to be ready to go home.  The Nurse really didn’t get our sense of humor.  No fun there.


They delivered my Son back to me, mouth crammed with cotton rolls and doped to the gills.  Maneuvering a 6-foot, 150 lb sack of sand across the parking lot and into the car was an experience.  It was even more fun getting him up the stairs and into bed.  


He snored through the next two days and came downstairs today to assault the refrigerator.  He was making up for lost meals with a vengeance.  He can’t open his mouth fully – so gulping down food was a challenge.  He managed. 


“You don’t have any swelling or bruising.” I pointed out. 


“Yup,” he agreed, “I’m still pretty.  Will you make more food?”




The Bad:


My Daughter, who I thought I had all figured out – will have to have another heart procedure Friday.  Medicine hasn’t controlled her condition.  Because I am an optimist, I believe that everything will be fine.  I’ll try to update lj by next week.  Please keep us in your hearts.

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