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Revenge as a dish served cold

Having my eardrums pierced (for the tubes of drainage/hearing) was about as painful as you’d expect.  Having all my hearing and most of my balance back is a bonus. 


My Daughter was Nurse Ratchett, driving me home.  I was kinda high.  My ears were stuffed with icky bloody cotton.  Charming.  She also had DVD’s and food at the ready.  We had an enjoyable day loafing.  She stuffed her ears with cotton in a gesture of solidarity.  It was funny.  We had to turn the tv up loud.


Not long after I staggered back into the house, post op, my Son came whizzing home, slamming the backdoor hard enough to rattle windows and thundering upstairs. 


“Here”, he said, handing my Daughter a 4-leaf clover.  “Now we’re even.” 


Eight years later, this memory still makes me laugh. 


Lovely European vacation with Parents and family; beautiful day in Switzerland. We’d been hiking and were tired.  My Folks and I were sitting on a bench in the shade.  My Daughter was sprawled in the grass.  She found several 4-leaf clovers and was very pleased with herself. 


Son and Mr. W wandered past.  Upon seeing the booty, my Son wanted his own 4-leaf clover.  Cue meltdown, complete with older Sister taunting “I already found them all” and Mr. W looking through the grass sans his glasses for the elusive clover of four that would end our Sons snitfit.  The three of them were ugly Americans.


My Parents and I remained on the bench in the shade.  I have a picture of us convulsing in laughter, complete with budging eyeballs.  Mr. W didn’t see the humor.


“Wow, “ I said to my Son, “that was a long time to hold a grudge.”


“Yup,” He agreed with me, “but it was worth it.”


My Daughter sputtered for a while, but admitted it.  The score is settled forever.      
Tags: revenge as a dish served cold
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