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X Files

Mr. W and I took the kids and went to the XFiles movie last Sunday.  Everyone not me liked it.  I was mostly bored into stupor, which surprised me since I remembered liking the show.  I find movies with serial killers are the worst kind of banal.  Do ya think there going to attack women and children? Act like creepy losers with bad teeth?  Feh – I’d rather be writing grocery lists.


Still, my Daughter was intrigued by the premise and borrowed a few seasons from a friend.   Watching some with her this week, I vaguely remember most of the eps fondly.


I was never a rabid fan, but I like the spooky flashlights.  Re-watching makes me realize that no matter how much fun 90’s hair is, the background music is dull and repetitive AND the show would have benefited greatly with a healthy shot of humor to make it smarter. 


No wonder I got so hooked on BtVS.


Still, watching the movie/series is like seeing old friends that I’d forgotten I’d missed.  Plus – after all those years, us true fans actually saw those crazy kids intimate.  We had to wait long enough…  


The four of us sat up late one night this week and watched the ep with the scary liver eating guy.    It gave everyone but me nightmares.  By 3am, I was sick of hearing my family moaning or thrashing in their sleep. 


I could hear my Son talking to himself and Mr. W, sound asleep, was wrestling with his pillow like it was eating his head.   I put my hand on Mr. W’s shoulder.  He let out such a yell that he woke the kids up.  I almost died laughing while everyone else stomped of to the potty and huffed back to bed.


So maybe X Files is funnier than I thought… 


The following morning, my Son appeared on my side of the bed at 7am, which is the middle of the night for a 17-year-old boy.  “Mom” he croaked at me.  His face was swollen from jaw line down his neck.  He looked like an XFile creature of the week. 


This also proves yet again that NOTHING good ever happens before 8am. 


Cue running to Kaiser before shower or coffee.  Imagine how charming I was.  He had some weird bacterial infection notable only for how fast it progressed.  One day of antibiotics and he is feeling fine. 


He’s sworn off X Files forever. 
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