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The Family Bidness

Mr. W, our Son and I went out with CNN friends Saturday night. The local fair had a Demolition Derby. Off we all went to see cars smash and crash. It was surprisingly fun, with a side order of beautiful full moon night. We ate a lot of things on sticks. I passed on the corndog, but Mr. W and my Son both spent the next morning burping, so it must have been good.

Living with boys is so gross, sometimes.

My Daughter is off at the beach with her boyfriend and a crowd of friends. It makes me happy to see her having fun. Zooming through college in less than 3 years and having tachycardia was stress inducing. To have her healthy and vibrant again is a joy. Girlfriend’s earned a few days in the sun.

I wanted her to wait till Sept 1 to seriously look for a job. I argued that she needed downtime to recover from her heart procedure before she locked herself into full time employment for the rest of her life.

The other truth is that it is fun to have her around for gym time, poolside afternoons and X Files viewing. She is good company. I knew that soon she would be launched into her own life, instead of sharing ours. I wanted to share those last few moments of carefree kid having fun.

Alas, she has gained legitimate employment – News Assistant for live production, CNN Washington Bureau. She sent in her resume the old fashioned way, garnered an interview and impressed them. They hired her on the spot. It’s your basic entry-level low pay position, but what first job out of college isn’t? She’s the third member of the family to be in the biz.

When she was an infant/baby I worked at the ABC Bureau. I’d pick her up at 6p from daycare and bring her back to my office so I could do the evening estimate. Her job was to put tape on the envelope. We’d walk to the transport desk and I’d let her push the buttons for the elevator. We’d visit in the newsroom for a few minutes every night. It was fun.

When I first started at CNN, she was 6. She came to visit wearing her school patrol belt. All my coworkers called her The Sheriff. She was a religious believer in take-your-Daughter-to-work-day. She’d get to do taped interviews on the sets and eat pizza in the conference room for lunch. She asked Gearldine Ferraro if she’d ever run for office again and got in a hot debate with Jeanne Meserve.

“Boys”, my Daughter insisted “are sometimes better than girls in sports, but not math.” Not too shabby for a 9 year old.

Both my kids spent many a Saturday at the bureau – breaking news meant Mr. W and I had to be there. My Son still likes to spend the occasional afternoon working with Mr. W. He loves to see the new computers and fancy broadcast equipment. Plus, the engineering dept has cool nurf weapons. They are the paintball buddies.

I wonder if I’m breeding yet another CNN employee? Egads!

Her true advantage (besides being smart and motivated) is that she already knows so many people who work there – being the new girl isn’t so scary if half the people you work with you’ve known since you were a kid.

She came home after the interview/hiring all fired up. “You are launched,” I told her “on the rest of your life.”

“My long, long, long term plan is to be a trophy wife like you, Mom.”

What a smartass.
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