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The very cranky post....


Mr. W was issued an iPhone for work.  He is thrilled.  Geeky plus paid for by someone not us.  Boo-yah!   He likes it so much I should get a bedazzled case for him.  I wish he’d fondle me like he does that iPhone… 




His delight has been the bright spot in an ongoing Crap Samich around here.  First my Son woke up with the X-Files neck….Then…


Yesterday I half-carried him to Kaiser, where they gave him an IV of antibiotic, glucose and saline.  He was dehydrated from a sinus and throat infection that had spiked his temp up to 102.5.  My boy was miserable.


Big shout out to Kaiser, btw – those people are so good to us.  We see them way too often. 


He’s even more miserable today since the blood work came back.  Mono.  Yippee.  Jezus Kre-ist on a Raft – can we please have an end to the medical drama in my little corner of the world?  I. Am. So. Sick. Of. Medical. Drama.


He has so many plans for this semester – part time high school, a film class at the local community college, an internship and hopefully a job at the AFI.


Given how miserable he is, I just hope he can handle school (s). 


So yesterday he missed the first day of school – and today he found out he is as sick as he thought.  We are in the dark cloud of gloom around here.


I’m off to gargle bleach. 




I’ve always been a Hillary Clinton admirer.  I was dismayed by her campaign because she is better than her primary run was managed.  Last night I could not possibly have been more proud or impressed by her.  I have no doubt that she has Presidential possibilities.  But – personally, I hope she goes to the Supreme Court.  She wouldn’t be limited by a term.  More Hillary longer would be a very good thing. 
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