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Just another Saturday in Paradise

 My Son is supposedly over the infectious stage of mono.  Antibiotics have eased the ear/nose/throat thing enough for him to swallow.  He isn’t exactly a new man – but he isn’t made of pitiful anymore.  

Between bouts of sleeping, boredom has made him desperate.  He lobbied to come to Ikea with Mr. Wonderful and I this morning.  He isn’t usually awake at 9am on a Saturday morning, or out of his mancave, but he had to take his meds and saw me with my purse.  He reminded me of a family dog when someone picks up the leash. 

He was in the car when Mr. W stomped into the garage and said, “You have to drive”

“Diddums lose your wallet again?”  I could tell by the set of his shoulders that I had guessed correctly.   

I used to get pissed, but we’ve been married forever and it’s happened so frequently that I long ago decided playing ‘Where’s wallet’ can be fun, for me.  Him, not so much.  

I expected it anyway – it is Mr. W’s traditional kick off to vacation.   He’s taking Labor Day off – so this makes the third vacation we started by playing the ‘Where’s Wallet’ game.  Not that I keep count.  

“You know its sitting on your desk at work.  Which means you drove home last night without it.”  I love being irritatingly superior.  I do it really well.

“Mom is going to razz you all day,” our Son singsonged from the back seat.

So I drove to Ikea while Mr. W endured ridicule and mentally retraced his steps.  Sure enough, one trip to CNN later, me driving, his wallet was sitting on his desk.  

Then we had to go back to Ikea to return that what wasn’t right.   Cripes – that store is a zoo complete with wild animals and screaming children.


I know that for some, any critics of Sarah Palin will be met with howls of sexism.  That reasoning is too simple for me, so here goes.  I’m appalled by her nomination.  Newsflash!  One woman is not as good as another and she’s no Hillary Clinton.  What was McCain thinking, that since she had boobs, women would vote for her?  The new slogan?  Now there are three boobs on the GOP ticket.    

The scuttlebutt from my contacts:  McCain felt he needed her to shore up his conserative base and Karl Rowe assured him that it would bring the ‘woman vote’ (because we all think with the same brain).  She’s been booed today in Pennsylvania for comparing herself to HC. 

Apparently, there are also many members of the GOP clucking (rightly so) that if McCain was going to pick a woman that there were plenty with conservative creds that didn’t evoke such an uncanny resemblance to Dan Quayle.

In the Isn’t It Ironic category – GOP has noticed that their convention, and most specifically, McCain’s acceptance speech, might be the same day Gustav devastates the Gulf Coast. 

Not only will people endure Katrina redux, but the press is already donning their waders and standing far south of Minnesota and “America First.”  It’s a GOP nightmare – the press part, at least. It looks bad to convention party while FEMA isn’t doing its job, again. 

Bush has put Homeland Security in charge of the relief effort.  I guess he could never be bothered to overhaul FEMA.  I’m all warm and fuzzy from the competent management of government agencies. 

GOP insiders have been tossing around the idea of making the convention a Red Cross fundraiser.  Cue a southern stampede of the final three news reporters in the Twin Cities. 

However this could solve one big convention problem – Bush would stay in DC to ‘monitor the situation’ keeping him far, far away from McCain.

“So what,” I asked the reporter I promised not to name, “are they going to do about Cheney?”

“They’re hoping he’ll shoot another lawyer.  It’ll keep him busy and no one cared the first time.”






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