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Final anniversary post

I promise - this is the very last time I'll babble about it....

After he proposed and I accepted, there was the ring. It was a big-ass three-carat diamond in a beautiful setting. I wore it for the whole engagement (six months) and at least six months after we were married. Since then it has lived in a box in my dresser. Our wedding rings share space in a dish on the same dresser. Neither one of us is much for jewelry.

But after the big clinch we went back to his apartment.  He wanted to lie on the couch and have a hangover.  I wanted to go next door, where my best friend since I was 11 lived.  Those were the days, geographically...

"I'm engaged,” I told her.

"I told you he was going to propose.  You owe me five bucks,” she said. 

That night we all went out for dinner.  Me, my beloved, best friend and two other guys we always hung with.  We ate Cuban food and good wine.  I lived it up (for me) and had a glass.  Once dinner was over me, beloved and other guy went to the movies.  We got there late so we couldn’t sit together because the theater was crowded.  

There I was.  Kinda bored and as the movie progressed, increasingly nauseous.  It was really hot in the theatre.  The spaceship kept zooming around (note: Dune was the worst movie ever).  I realized that I was going to be sick.  I went stumbling out, disturbing everyone.

I reeled into the lobby, right into a crowd waiting for the next show.  Those were the olden days (1984) and there were pinball machines in the lobby.  I made it between machines, braced my shoulders on the wall and sank down on my butt.  The floor was not spinning, which was good.  I put my head between my knees and waited for the buzzing to stop.

Nice people come in all sizes.  I heard “Are you ok lady?  You look like your gonna, like, die.”  A 14-year-old girl had taken pity on me.

 “I’m ok,” I said, waving hand with ring,  “I just got engaged.”

“Well, the ring shouldn’t make you hurl”, the girl said, “but I’m done with my popcorn, so you can have my bag if you need to be sick.”   

So there I sat until the movie let out and fiancé came and found me.  He took one look and said “Are you going to do this at the wedding?  As he helped me up he said, “You sat in gum.” 

He made me sit on the popcorn bag in his car on the way back to his apartment.  Other guy thought sitting in gum was hilarious.  I stomped upstairs, put on a sweat suit and big white socks (otherwise know as my seduction-reduction outfit) and proceeded to sleep for the next 10 hours.

Ah, romance.
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