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National Stay at Home Time

 When dear friend stay as guests at Empresspatti land, we like to share a special gift: miserable head colds. 

I was not the original carrier of this particular pestilence; we had a visit from a matched set of 5 and 7 yr olds.  What pure germs.  I had forgotten how the kindergarten crowd could wipe out a room full of adults with a single cough.   Blerg.

The up side of all this is National Stay At Home Time. Miss Peg and I had all sorts of plans, movies, museums, shopping, sushi.  We managed movies and sushi the first week – but as of today we have retired to matching couches, with blankets and cups of tea with a side of trashy movies.  This has turned out to be the nicest time of all. 

The weather has cooperated.  Rain is hosing down, and it is suddenly cold and windy.  Happy times lie ahead, the fridge is full of groceries and we both love to cook.  We have breakfast, lunch and dinner planned for tomorrow.  Pajamas all day – boo-yah!

Yup – we are a big old bucket of dork fun. 

Our friends had to extended their home leave an additional week.  He had to travel to take care of family bidness.  Miss Peg opted to stay with me and cook, lay on the couch and generally take time away from our regular lives. 

Soon enough they will be back in hot, crowded Thailand.  I’ll be lonesome and fretting about weight gain (see cooking, above).   Who knew feeling miserable could be so much fun? 

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