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More about nothing

 Obama is up by 11% nationwide according to my sources tonight. Hee. It's nice to laugh about something, because there is no joy in 401k land. 

Mr. W had a horrendous week at work - every piece of equipment that could possibly go wrong did 10 seconds before air.  It was the precise opposite of fun.  Election day can’t come soon enough. 

He staggered home tonight and landed on his favorite couch with the newspaper.  Our Son is out at a football game and our Daughter is visiting friends.  When we were younger it would have been whoo hoo sex.  Now it's crossword puzzles for the male of the species and for me - I see dead people trashy tv.   

We have our priorities straight.

I worked out today and then came home and did 9 loads of laundry, vacuumed the upstairs and ran to the post office, Home Depo and grocery store (I like to go there every day or my checkbook would feel unloved).  

Then I went to JC Penny's and bought Mr. W 5 new shirts that hit all his criteria - short sleeves, pocket, 100% cotton.  Each shirt cost me $7.48!  I went home and threw out everything he had that looked cruddy.  then I washed and hung the new shirts in his closet.  We'll see if he notices.  I'm betting he won't.  He was starting to look shabby even for an IT guy.  It was the yellow armpits....

Now it's 8:35p and I am pj's in bed girl with no plans to move.  Could I get any more boring?  More mystifying, why does this stunningly ordinary stuff make me so happy?  It must have been the lobotomy.   

Tags: more about nothing
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