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 Looks like the DOW soared 962 points today.  Can that please be our October surprise?  I’m sick of the other surprises lately. 

I want living with Men to be equal parts adorable/annoying.  Lately is has been annoying/adorable and the balance after this weekend has landed firmly in the annoying column.  

I am so sick of Mr. Wonderful.  My Son, the eating and noise machine, pulls a close second as an aggravation factor.  It was like living with hogs these past few days. 

I love Mr. W with my whole heart.  This weekend, lumbering around, iPhone in hand, dino-farting and scratching his belly, I didn’t love him any less.  But Boy Howdy - am I ready to be away from him for a few days. 

Time to get Out Of Dodge with a girlfriend.   

The next two weekends will be anywhere but here with someone not him.  Or more specifically, my bestest girlfriend and a trip Leafpeeping and Octoberfesting.  She has some business to take care of and I volunteered to go along and help.  Where she needs to be is pretty and has hotel rooms sans males.    

Then the election will be almost upon us.  I won’t get so annoyed when the whothefuckcares breaks and jeopardizes programming at CNN.  I won’t have to spend an entire weekend putting all plans on hold (except band practice) so Mr. W can yell at the iPhone while sucking all the bandwidth.   

Did I mention that I am sick of Mr. W?   

In other news of Men…

Stopped at a red light the other day, I noticed Officer Pretty.  He was prolly 25-30, leaning against his motorcycle, holding one of those speed gun thingys.  He had really long legs and WIDE shoulders that tapered down to his teeny, tiny waist.  He had really dark hair and blue eyes (I checked carefully).  He noticed me looking at him and saluted me.  I rolled down my window and shouted “You can write me up anytime.”  Officer Pretty was so horrified that he almost knocked over his motorcycle. 

I’m so old that I can scare full-grown men with guns.  Hear me roar!   

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