empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

A Gilmore Girls Moment


Unless you live under a rock in outer space you prolly know that Colin Powell endorsed Obama today?

What you didn’t know was that My Daughter was one of the CNN editorial crew that staked out NBC to ask the former Sec of State questions after his appearance on “Meet the Press.” 

Very juicy assignment for a newby, which is a measure of how well she’s  doing.  It meant getting up at 630a on a Sunday.  Blerg – y’all know what I think of any time before 8am. 

Daughter reported to me that he’s “even more handsome in person and says he is still a Republican in spite of voting for Obama.” 

She decided she’d be creepy if she hung around NBC to swoon over Tom Brokaw.  She’s hoping she’ll get other opportunities.   Girlfriend has good taste.

We had a Gilmore Girls moment – she called me from the crew car after.  I hopped around and squeed in public like a big old dork.  I really understand the thrill of being right there when history happens. 

I’m so pleased for her.  

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