empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

Life trials and other nonsense

First off, lately my appliances have been trying to kill me.  I was vacuuming the bathroom and the muffler (do vacuums have mufflers?) blew off.  Cue horrendous noise in a small space.  Plus the big load o crap that blew everywhere.  I dropped the hose and bolted from the room coughing and choking.  Egads! 

I now have a shiny red vacuum cleaner that doesn’t sound like a jet engine.  It took a long time to clean up all the dust and dirt that got blown around.  Plus, my ears rang all day.

Then I was making pesto.  I put the pine nuts, olive oil, basil and Parmesan cheese into the blender.  I hit the switch and got a shock that blew me across the kitchen.  Mr. W replaced the gasket and all is well, but I look at the blender with new respect.  I’m also very glad frost killed off the last of the basil on our deck.  I won’t need the blender for a few months.  Fine by me.


I had just finished my workout at the gym today when a 40-something man said “hello” to me.  He knew my last name, which meant that I should have known who he was.

 “Your face is so familiar,” I said to him, “but I just can’t place you.”

 “I’m your OBGYN” he told me.

 “We’ll no wonder,” I said.  “I would only recognize you if I was lying down naked wearing a paper towel.”

 It made us both laugh, but still, awkward.  Poor guy - he prolly gets that a lot. 

Tags: my blender is trying to kill me
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