empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

Vote early and often....

I had a film school thing to go to tonight with my Son.  We didn’t get home till 9p.  Mr. W picked us up from Metro.

“How was it?” he asked our Son.

“Great school and GREAT buffet” number only son answered.

Life is so simple for my youngest child.

I went zooming upstairs to answer the call of the pajamas and noticed that my daughter was already in bed, lights out, door closed.  I hesitated for a moment and then knocked. 

“Why are you in bed already?”  I asked her.

“CNN was crazy today.  It’s going to be crazier tomorrow and I want to get up early to vote for the first time” she answered.  “Grandpa called and asked if he could take me to the polls.” 

“I want to be there for your first vote,” I told her. 

“Well get up and be ready by 6:55am” she told me.

I find it incredibly endearing that my Dad, the die-hard republican, is excited to get my Daughter, the Obama supporter, to the polls AND will take great joy seeing her vote for the first time.  

My prediction - I’m saying it loud and proud.  Obama is going to win by a landslide and the Dems are going to pick up 9 to 11 Senate seats.  BooYAH!


Tags: vote early and often
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