empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

Rant, Rant, Rant

Some days I am just mean.

The other day I was such a pill that my husband (one of the planet's nicer/smarter people) said "eat something or go to bed". 

I wanted to shove a pie in the face(s) of my nearest and dearest.  I wished total strangers, who just happened across my evil path, the short brutal life of a kindergarten pet.  And all they had to do was be in the car in front of me at the light. 

I might have been in need of a rabies shot.  Or something.    It's not like I woke up with my hair on fire and had a reason to be such a grouch.  I just was.  Maybe life would be better if I had enforced time out every day for ten minutes.  Let the steam out of my ears...  

I would benefit greatly from an automatic 10 second delay between brain and mouth.  It would sure improve the lives of the people around me.  

All I can figure is that this is officially the time of year when everything is a pain in the ass.  Does anybody else dread the holidays?

I'm over myself.  I have to go find my sense of humor.  I think I put it in a brick and hit someone with it. 

Tags: rant
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