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House of Obama and snarky Election Night observations

 It gave me a big happy to see the spontaneous rally in front of the White House last night.  Lots of people singing “Hey hey hey, goodbye” Good riddance, too.  Smell ya later.  The only worthwhile thing to happen in the last 8 years was Cheney shooting a lawyer on Valentines Day.  It still makes me giggle. 

Mr. W and my Daughter had a long day at CNN (one of many).  She kept on texting us with updates.  We kept telling her that we already knew because we were watching NBC. 

Which makes me say this: 

CNN had so many pundits crammed together that they were sticking each other’s elbows in their ears.  It looked like a punishment bench. 

All that crap whizzing around, on the bottom of the screen, in the background etc.. Made it difficult to figure out what was going on and did not advance any information.  Period.  They spent a correspondent’s salary on the hologram crap and the best they could do was Jessica Yelling (know in the bureau as Screaming Yelling).   

For all the throwing to events, not once did they have the remote site audio working.  What is the point of interviewing (and spending the $$ to staff the site and order the satellite return) if you can’t hear the actual interviewee?

Also – there was so much background noise in the CNN NY newsroom set that you could hear it over Wolf’s endless blathering.  E – GADS! 

Then I switched to NBC and there were a few sane people giving information in a concise manner.  Classic example of less is more.  Refreshing.

All that being said – it was a great night.  I knew Obama would prevail, but I was wrong about the dems picking up 9 to 11 Senate seats (they got 6).  Still, it is a good thing to have a vigorous opposition (besides other democrats).  McCain’s concession speech made me respect him again.  

One final thing.  Mr. W and my Daughter got home late.  My Daughter was cranked up to eleventy with the thrill of working in the newroom on such the historical occasion.  Finally, lying in bed, I turned off the light and put my pillow over my face to make her go away.  She huffed off STILL TALKING about the election.  Mr. W peeked out from his pillow and said, “This is calm.  You should have heard her on metro during the ride home.”



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