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A suburban life

 A weekend away with a girlfriend and a Sunday night hollering session with Mr. W restored marital equability in Empresspattiland.  

The only causality of our mutual irritation was my bread machine-measuring cup. 

Anyone know where I can buy a one-cup measure with 1/8th, 3/8th, 5/8th markers?  Apparently it is a rare thing in the universe. 


Last night I was lying in bed and heard deer stomping around the yard.  Considering that deer have eaten my garden, hydrangeas, and all the bushes around my home down to nubs, I decided to take action.  

I flung the window fully open and, in my best scary voice, bellowed, “Get out of my yard, grrrrrrr.”

My next-door neighbor, taking his trash out, almost had a heart attack.  Cue me apologizing out my window while dying of embarrassment.

As I was groveling, Mr. W, who had been launched awake by my bellow, wandered downstairs to see if the cookie jar magically refilled.  

In the front yard were 6 deer gathered around the birdfeeder.  So he stood in his boxers on the front porch yelling boo! and throwing rocks.  The deer were unimpressed.

With great glee, Mr. W rooted around in the basement tonight.   He has loaded up his paint ball gun, anticipating a big event.  Boy Howdie. 

We have become – with good reason - the kind of neighbors everyone hates.


Since my Daughter has achieved college graduation and gainful employment, I took her to our financial planner today.  It was great to see her absorb lessons in financial literacy and discuss short and long term investment strategies.  Might as well get started with the first paycheck....  

My contribution was to sneeze, cough and blow my nose.  I don’t know if it is allergies or a case of the crud, but I sure will be glad when this charming affliction is over.  Blerg. 



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