empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

Nothing better than a good misery

 Basically, since I bellowed Mr. W awake and scared the crap out of my neighbor, I have been miserably sick. 

This is proof God doesn’t like ugly.  I have been smited – or at least a giant dope slap from TPTB.   I am a congested block of wood from the boobs up.  Can’t breathe (asthma for the first time in decades) plus a cough/snot thing that oozes charm.  Blerg. 

This seems to be lasting forever.  I wish I’d either die or get over it.  

I couldn’t wrangle a dr appt till Monday at 4:30p.  Which means that I can kiss the CNN holiday party that night goodbye.  If I feel 100% better this weekend I’d still be crawling around.   

Poor, poor pitiful me.  I sound like bad plumbing all the time. 

So: CNN party.  It’s at the Newseum – which is cool.  It is a combo thank-you-for-killing-yourself-this-election-cycle and Xmas party, which is not cool in the extreme.  Why the hell have a party on a random Monday night when a considerable portion of employees will still be working at 9p?    

My opinion:  After employees work every day for 20 months on a historic story it isn’t too much to expect an election thank you AND a holiday party.  Revenues were up 165% this year.  Bureau management be acting like cheapskates.  

On the other hand – both Mr. W and my Daughter work there now – so IF I Could Drag myself there and Breathe, it would be a fun evening.  Plus – I could razz the management about being cheap…

Cough, cough, hack, hack, hack….. I’m putting the ick in sick.    

Tags: nothing better than a good misery
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