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Last seen, I was lying in bed with a recurrence of my own personal miserable sinus infection, using the cell phone to call Mr. W to fluff my pillows.  Except for the being sick, it was fun while it lasted.

God punished me though – New Years Mr. W and both kids had raging colds (don’t look at me).  They sneezed and cheezed for days.  Yeesh.

Mr. W groused so much that at one point I said, “Oh – have a baby!”  I’m convinced that men have no real idea about suffering.

 Other holiday news – Christmas Eve our good friends continued the fatwa.  Historical Note:  It started here - empresspatti.livejournal.com/2006/01/14/.  Christmas Eve that year they left him with a bottle of wine on our front yard.  Last Christmas Eve we brought him back – and upended the lighted deer holiday decorations in their yard and put arrows through the wiring. It was a lovely tableau - The slaughter of the holiday decorations.

 This year they cordoned off our yard with crime scene and biohazard tape, drew chalk outlines of Santa and Rudolf and left things on the driveway labeled “CSI”.  DM is only a cardboard head with a beard now – but he looked creepy laying on the driveway. 

 It was really funny – esp. since we noticed because of the crowd of cars and pedestrians in front of our house.   The neighbors were horrified.  We really do bring down the value of the ‘hood, yo.

We are already planning next Christmas Eve...bwahahaha.

 Everyone is back to work/school today.  It always gives me a guilt free thrill to have everyone out of my hair after the holidays.  It occurs to me that this might be the last Christmas the kids live at home. 

 “Don’t get your hopes up” my Daughter told me.  “I plan to stay here and force you guys out.”

 Still, my Daughter is full time at CNN.  My Son graduates high school in May and starts college in the fall.  Hands  On Mothering is dwindling down to moments.  It’s been fun. I’m going to enjoy the last few bittersweet months. 

 I plan to go to Thailand in October to visit my beloved Miss Peg.  Then I have to figure out how The Next Phase.  I should prolly be worried, but I always tend toward optimistic and the possibilities seem endless.  Worst-case scenario - Mr. W will have to work till 90 to keep me in library books.

 Going with my skills, it occurs to me that I would make an EXCELLENT mattress tester.  I could also teach anyone to nap.  All my years at ABC and CNN at least make an impressive resume.  I should be able to bag groceries. 

 Meanwhile back at the ranch – brag time.   My Son got an A in his 3 credit Into to Film class at the local community college.   Bul-YAH!  He’s signed up for editing and screenwriting this semester.  He’ll start college with at least 9 credit hours completed in addition to his AP credits.  It was a good decision for me to be home with him for middle/high school.  

End of brag.

 I’m glad there is noting to do – because this week I plan to sleep 12 hours a night.  How’s that for ambition?

 Happy New Year to all – 2009 is going to be waaayyy better than 2008.  Only 14 more days of Bush/Cheney.  Whoopie!






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