empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

It sounds like whining to me....

 Life rule #1: Whining is punishable by death.  bail now, while you have the chance.

What becomes a miserable sinus infection most?  BAND PRACTICE.  My Son’s buddies are home from college, which means band practice every day.  I guess I ate babies in a previous life.

AND here comes the (whining) complaining.  I am seeing multiple doctors because I have had a sinus infection since mid November.  Feh.

The latest  -  I take 28 days of antibiotic and then have a CAT scan of my sinuses.  The thinking is that I don’t have anything wrong with my autoimmune system, but I must have a cyst, polyp or some other growth in my (fill in dr specific name for the sinus on the cheekbone) sinus. 

I bet the doctor that it’s the Barbie shoe I shoved up there when I was three. 

Boy Howdie – do they know me at Kaiser pharmacy.  I have enough antibiotic in me to glow in the dark. Plus - I am sick of having things poked up my nose.  I going to end up biting a doctor.  

I feel sorry for Mr. W and my Daughter.  Besides living with EmpressPatti the Crabby Dragon, they are working non-stop at CNN. They leave for work at 8am and come home at 10pm.  The news agenda for the next twelve days include Bush’s last address to the nation (show of hands, who the hell wants to hear him say anything again, ever?) a weekend of pre inauguration events, Inauguration and then one week after Inauguration, Obama’s first State of the Union address.   They are setting up cots and air mattresses at the bureau since most of the bridges from Va to DC will be closed Monday at midnight. 

 The workload plus the anticipated traffic gridlock means houseguests.  We anticipate several CNNers staying here, in the land of guest rooms and showers, for the duration.  Onslaught starting tomorrow, with chaos to follow. 

 Actually, that should be kinda fun.  Plus – a nice break from band practice.  I'm off to light up outer space.





Tags: it sounds like whining to me
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