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The Squee heard around the world....

My beloved Miss Peg just called from Thailand.  She had been visiting Kao Yai, a remote Thai national park.  The boat driver had “thanked her for electing Barak Obama.”

Mr. W emailed to tell me he’d be home late from work tonight.  Seal was going to be in CNN and he wanted to stick around to see Heidi Klum.  My Daughter wrote to say that she was hanging around the bureau to meet P Diddy – a Larry King Live guest.   

“Well,” I wrote to both, “dinner is vegetable beef stew, with homemade lemon bread and chocolate chip cookies for dessert.”   

I just got the call – they are on North Capitol Street heading home. They decided that there will be other cool guests in the bureau tomorrow.

It is always all about dinner in this house.  They are bringing some CNNers with them, as no one sane wants to sleep on a cot in the bureau tonight. I made lots of food.

Here in DC the mood is euphoric.  The first black president will be sworn in at the Capitol, which was built by slaves, under the statue of Freedom, a bronze that was cast by a slave, on the day after Martin Luther King holiday.  The voting rights act was passed in 1965.  These past 28 years have been a lifetime and a minute.   

It really is a new beginning. 

I want to witness the peaceful, law-abiding passing of power to the opposition party at a time when our nation is in economic turmoil and at war with two countries. This to me is what is best about our country.  We aren’t worrying about civil war.  We are worrying about being cold as we witness history in the making.

I can hardly wait to hear the Inaugural Address.

Also – remember to watch our new President on 1/27/09.  It will be his first State of the Union address and he is expected to lay out his agenda in detail. 



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