empresspatti (empresspatti) wrote,

A very dangerous discovery

Living with nerds has many, many benefits.  Anything computer or video related is a snap.  I point and order Mr. W or my Son to hop.  It really is wonderful.

We now have a gadget called Apple tv.  This little box that, attached to our HD television, can play anything purchased on iTunes.  Recently my son figured a way to patch it into the internet

It was fun while I was sick – being able to watch anything available on Hulu on the television.  I saw Fringe and The Tick, Chuck and Twin Peaks. 

Today I found Highlander.  The name rang a bell, - something I saw occasionally at strange times of night when the kids were little.  I had a vague memory of swords, hair and motorcycles. 

OMG!!!.  How could I have forgotten about shirtless Adrian Paul?   All 6 seasons are available on Hulu.  I may never leave the house again.

    This is really, really bad.  Egads -  he is SO pretty.  I might have found a way around my James Marsters obsession..

Tags: a very dangerous discovery
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